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4.1gb - Director of Social Media & Imaging

4.1gb was built with an ambition to provide exceptional experiences for our customers. We explore what it takes to do exactly that. Our name, 4.1gb, was chosen on the basis that our company is run digital - and the future is digital. The “.1” was added later on, embodying our goal to not only provide people with a great product, but to provide them with a great experience.

We are built upon the concept of being as customer centric as possible. We treat our customers by making sure their experience with us is as trouble-free as possible; eliminating barriers to customers like costly shipping fees and strict return policies.

My roles:

  • Created, curated and managed published content.

  • Produced still and video media; including photography, editing and uploading.

  • Developed a brand image that is in line with our vision.

  • Worked with marketing department to develop project materials, identified target customers and worked to increase ROI.

  • Used software editing programs (Lightroom, Premiere, Photoshop), video and lighting equipment with expertise.

  • Deliberate planning and posting with set schedule on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook.

  • Content management on social sites and website.

In house shoots for the brand that I’ve done -